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Our tradition

We believe that in the happiness generated by a good cake weigh the love that the one who prepared it for us has put in it and that a cake can also be, in general, a moment of 'sweet’, sharing with someone else.

Black Truffle

Chocolate ice cream and zabaione with chocolate topping wrapped with cocoa and hazelnut grain.

Chocolate souffle

Dark chocolate soufflè with a delicious heart of liquid chocolate.

Pasticciotto with cream and sour cherry.

Fragrant pastry stuffed with pastry cream and Sour cherry.

Mini Chocolate Mousse

Sponge cake with a delicious chocolate mousse decorated with chocolate topping and chocolate pieces.

Sacher Cake

Sponge cake drenched with white rum, chantilly cream and apricot past covered with chocolate.

Dutch cake

Fragrant shortcrust pastry with pastry cream and chocolate plum cake.

Berries Cake

Shortcrust pastry with sponge cake stuffed with cream and milk cream, covered with mixed berries, decorated with apricot jelly.<br />

Saint’ Honorè Cake

Sponge cake layers drizzled with liqueur, stuffed with cream and cream chantilly with zabaione, decorated with chocolate cream, hazelnut grain and cream puffs filled with cream.<br />

Almonds Cake

Shortcrust pastry with apricot past and almond paste, decorated with almonds and dusted with icing sugar.

Cream Lemon Cake

Shortcrust pastry with pastry cream and a layer of lemon plumcake, decorated with icing sugar.<br />

Love for innovation

Our great innovation is the passion for the work and the constant desire to improve.

Sweets with the spoon

These products of pastry are creamy or soft enough or spumed, so much that they need to be consumed with the spoon.


Cheesecake, american cake , is a sweet to be tasted cold; it is creamy, delicate, with a crunchy biscuit bottom.


In this collection you will find delicious miniportion sweets, ideal to surprise your customers, small snacks, or mini-pies, able to satisfy the palate and sight.

Mini Yogurt Mousse

Classic Sicilian Cassata

Mini New York Cheesecake

Chocolate Mousse Cup

Stuffed Sicilian Cannolo

Mini Tiramisu with Mascarpone

  1. What we offer

    Gusto di Puglia is a company that produces frozen pastries and exports high quality cakes according to Italian tradition. Our goal is to provide a professional service that pays particular attention to any customer needs, even in the most selective markets, through the offering of products with absolutely unique and unmistakable features that reflect all the value and taste of Italian tradition .


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